Glavstroy stories
WHOSE CITY IS THAT In Petersburg there is an unprecedented boom in grassroots initiatives. For example, citizens themselves renovate what they want to save; improve embankments and plant trees. Where did this boom of self-organization come from? Tells Rita Kuleva. April 2, 2021 LISTEN, THEN TALK The father of the first Moscow listening-bar Fonoteka, visionary and music
lover Pavel Nedostoev tells why he and the Ess-Thetic team created a semisecret bar in which it is suggested to be silent. March 31, 2021
I ALMOST LIKE EVERYTHING Controversial film critic Zinaida Pronchenko, who every day writes a post about how she doesn’t like Moscow restaurants and performances, admits that deep inside she loves the city and makes an imaginary stroll from Chistye Prudy to Gorynich restaurant through Mayakovskaya. March 26, 2021 FINDINGS AND DISCOVERIES The artist Taus Makhacheva knows how to find outlandish things. One time she would walk into the archive of film documents and be back with photos of soviet national circuses, another time she would discover a collection of patents on incredible inventions that had never saw the light of the day. How does she find things hidden from non-curious gaze and make works based on forgotten stories? - The answer is in this interview. March 24, 2021 Something in the air Perfumery critic and writer Ksenia Krushinskaya talks about how Moscow smells, what the railway has to do with it and how the smell of the residential areas differs from the smell of the Patriarch Ponds. March 12, 2021