About Glavstroy
We have a dream.
A dream about the cities of the future where it is easy to meet like-minded people, where everything is made for teamwork, creativity, implementation of ideas.

A dream about cities without fences and security guards, where technology is not visible until it is needed, but it is everywhere. About cities that make you fall in love with their diversity, beauty, thoughtfulness.

Where people think not in terms of housing classes but in terms of human needs, think creatively, with care and love. Where architecture and urbanism form a culture of everyday life.

Where every element of the city, whether it’s a house, a district or a park interacts with the city so naturally and organically that it is impossible to imagine anything else in its place.

A dream about cities where living rooms are «seamlessly» connected to the yard, park, embankment, squares. About eco-friendly, green cities like botanical gardens, where nature and technology intertwine. Where residents’ health is a natural consequence of the environment.

We believe that by designing our objects and following this dream we can change cities, plant the seeds of the future lifestyle.

Only that way, by focusing on bringing to life the picture of the ideal future, without being limited by only the developed territory, effective building and successful layouts, looking wider and further into the future, we can create outstanding projects, the lifestyle for every human being.

When designing we look as far into the future as we can. Why? The world changes very fast. One can react to this differently: ignore it, catch up with it, anticipate it.

Anticipation is the hardest way.

It requires wisdom, focused observation, ability to act and change very fast. But only this attitude lets us achieve our goal.

How to design while fulfilling requirements that are not even there yet?

Observe attentively and feel, analyze the cutting edge of science and technology, make forecasts, foresee what will become a trend in 5-10 years, choose wisely, create a convincing image of the future. And embody it.

This formula is fundamentally important for us: everything we do should be accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why the only viable model is economic efficiency of solutions, use of effective technologies and materials, optimization of all the processes. These are the cornerstones of our activities, this is the thing that lets us develop fast, this is the inner core, the discipline and daily practice.

An example: our group of companies includes a general contractor and all the principles that work inside the company apply to work with external contractors. People see that we care and understand why. This is how the production culture is formed, so only like-minded people remain with us. In this constant dialog with people who are close to us in spirit, we find answers to important questions: about even greater efficiency, even better quality and even greater accessibility.

We strive to understand people for whom we work. What’s important for them, what they aim for, what they live for, what future they imagine for themselves. Where those people will live well, how this location is connected to the rest of the city. Only when we clearly understand the audience and its future needs and have chosen the location, we start the dialog with architects.

We are sure that in the digital structure of the economy, the only possible way to succeed is to collaborate, work jointly with people who are close in spirit and ambitions — like-minded people, experts and innovators. Therefore, we have several important principles for working together:

Collaboration with like-minded people
Of course, we respect those who think differently, and we welcome any initiative, aspiration, ambition, dream. But we do not consider it necessary and do not want to waste time and effort trying to cross parallel lines. The time that we would spend trying to negotiate, we would rather spend looking for those who speak the same language of values and aspirations with us.

matter, and if a quiet voice is not heard, you can miss something important, innovative, crucial. Therefore, a joint, respectful and attentive discussion of issues is an important part of our work. Everyone has the right to ask any question about their work and expect a complete and clear answer.

Openness and honesty
Our principle is to always be open in our position. Open for cooperation, opinions, and dialogue. At the same time, we insist on honesty and directness.

Continuous development
We know that criticism helps us to see mistakes and become better. Therefore, we do not just collect feedback, we insist on it.

Close interaction with like-minded people, innovators in their fields - engineers, IT specialists, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and materials - lets us to imagine clearly the whole spectrum of possibilities and choose the best.

Two focus areas are very important to us:

— Existing technologies, already developed and economically effective. We strive to master them perfectly, to gradually develop and upgrade not only our own skills but the technology itself. Or to collaborate with the best in their fields.

— New, yet «weak» but already perspective technologies. Ones that can «change the game» in the future, reformat the industry.

We don’t think in the terms of housing classes not because we want to seem original. But because for us, a class is a degree of customer freedom from everyday routine. That’s why we develop a star system similar to the one that is used in hotels but for residential areas: we take the best modern hotel services, throw away all unnecessary ones, add our own practices and combine them into service packages.

Based on the principle of openness we are going to make this system and its principal popular, so any developer could start to meet the high standards of service in his own objects.