For investors
Vasilyev Andrey Aleksandrovich
Member of the Management Board
Kushnir Julia Valerievna
Member of the Management Board
Mitselskiy Aleksey Sergeevich
Member of the Management Board
Mogasumov-Lovtsev Artem Valerievich
Member of the Management Board
Poddubnaya Veronika Vladimirovna
Member of the Management Board
Vasilyev Andrey Aleksandrovich
General Manager
Timashova Marina Vitalyevna
Marketing Director
Poddubnaya Veronika Vladimirovna
Director of Legal Affairs
Mogasumov-Lovtsev Artem Vaeryevich
Executive Director
Dubrovina Anna Vasilievna
Director of Public Relations
Hudyakova Ella Vladidmirovna
Economical and financial Director
Kataskina Lidia Vyacheslavovna
HR director

Glavstroy follows the regulatory requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and adheres to international corporate governance standards, which contribute to the sustainable development of the business and ensure the interests of the shareholder.

The Glavstroy corporate governance system includes:

  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Management Board
  • General manager

The supreme governing body of Glavstroy is a General Meeting of Shareholders. The annual General Meeting of Shareholders is held no earlier than two months prior and no later than six months after the end of the financial year. Other general meetings of shareholders are extraordinary.

The Management Board of Glavstroy provides general management of the company's activities, with the exception of resolving issues referred to the competence of the General Meeting of shareholders by the Federal Law «On Joint Stock Companies». The competence of the Management Board is defined by the Charter of Glavstroy.

The operational activities of Glavstroy are managed by the sole executive body — the General Manager. The General Manager is accountable to the Management Board of Glavstroy and the General Meeting of Shareholders.